Shoe love is true love!

If you show your sneakers some love and affection - they will love you back. Not only by having a longer life but sometimes even by giving you the opportunity to sell them when you are tired of them. If that isn't reason enough to take care of them - we dont know what is...

Here are some tips

Don't be afraid of Suede

Afraid of suede sneakers out of fear of ruining them? Suede is actually like any other leather – if you treat it with care, it will last a long time. And no, rain will not automatically ruin suede. Just remember to use a protection spray that will make it more durable against rain and dirt.

And a suede brush will help you clean off the dirt and more importantly to re-fluff the suede pile – making it look as good as new.

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Power of the shoehorn

The most basic weapon we have in our sneaker arsenal – and probably the most under estimated one. Usually people use a shoe horn for their own comfort – making it easier to get the sneakers on. However, the shoe horn has a bigger and perhaps a more valuble purpose than that. It keeps your sneakers from getting busted in the heel

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Don't say it - spray it

You should think of the protection spray as a temporary shield on your sneakers. Weather and dirt will eventually wear this shield down until it is completely gone. Therefore you must spray them regularly to keep them protected. The “shield” makes them easier to clean as dirt will not attach in the same way it would without protection spray. If you are using your sneakers on a regular basis, they should be sprayed more frequently to keep them protected against water and dirt.

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Dirt alert

One of the most common mistakes that we make as sneaker owners it to wait too long before we clean off the dirt from our sneakers.

In other words, try to get rid of the dirt asap. The best option is to regularly give your sneakers a full out cleaning using a harder brush on the sole and midsole and a softer one for the upper part of the sneaker. This of course together with a good cleaning solution. Finish the cleaning by wiping the sneaker off to get rid of all the dirt and foam that has gathered on the surface.

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The quick fix cleaning

We don’t always have the time or energy to pull out our full-blown sneaker cleaning kit. For those days there are in fact simpler options. Quick wipes are a great option for the lazy one looking for a quick or temporary fix.

They are also a good friend of the clumpsy one who is always spilling something eatable or have a knack for stepping in dog shit. Needless to say – they are easy to take with you when your on the run or travelling.

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Moisture? No thanks.

We can protect the outside of our sneakers with protection spray. However we usually forget that moisture in our sneakers can damage the materials on the insides of them.

It’s the same thing when it comes to wearing sneakers on a hot summer day. You probably look and feel fresh AF but the insides of your sneakers will probably be moist from the sweat from your feet. This moisture is what bacterias live on that ultimately can create a bad odur in your sneakers. To prevent this, you can use special inserts or wooden shoe blocks that will actively soak up the moisture in your sneakers.

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